Research and Development

An application-oriented research has always been an integral part of the successful development of Breitenfeld AG.
Our constantly up-dated technical know-how and continuous innovation ensure the growth of our competitive advantage. This in turn ensures the long-term success of our company. The following milestones in our history provide strong evidence for our long-lasting focus on future-oriented technologies: the first continuous casting worldwide, the first application of inert gas electro slag re-melting in the alternating mode as well as the successful application of the tandem casting to form large ingots. This, together with our long-standing expertise in production of stainless steel, allows us to manufacture the most challenging products at a very high quality. Our R&D activities help shape the future technologies and position us as one of the technology and quality leaders.

Current R&D Projects

The specialty steel plant Breitenfeld GmbH, working closely with the plant construction company INTECO Special Melting and the University of Leoben, has made major contributions to the development of a conductive ESR ingot mould (CCM-mould) for the production of large, low-segregation ingots.
Breitenfeld Edelstahl AG works intensively on the production of large ingots that are produced by the “sandwich molding” process. Our 80-ton ingots, which are already included in the delivery program, have been optimized based on tests conducted in cooperation with our clients to meet the highest requirements. Single ingots of up to 120 tons will shortly be introduced into the market. In order to meet the increasing quality requirements in the forging production, Schmiedetechnik Breitenfeld GmbH conducts research in the area of high temperature steels. Its target is to improve product properties and to optimize the production process. The application of special deformation technology to the quality control of products is being currently investigated. Many projects are also underway to approve new materials.