For the production of bar material a hydraulic press and a forging hammer are used. Manufacturing of open die forgings (rings, discs, shouldered shafts etc.) is performed on several open die hammers or in combination with the above mentioned equipment, depending on the individual product geometry.

Competent, quality orientated and economically reasonable product design (material selection, tolerances, heat treatment etc.) is done in close cooperation with our customers.

Thoroughly performed forging operations by our qualified personnel are the prerequisite for homogeneous microstructures and, therefore, product-properties all over the forging cross section.

The final quality of our forging products is adjusted by state-of-the-art heat treatment, which is performed according to individual needs and specifications. For hardening, water, polymer, and forced air are available. The capacity of our gas-fired hearth furnaces reaches from 10t to 70t, the maximum furnace temperature is 1200°C.

Quality inspection and testing of the forgings is done inhouse, thus providing logistical simplicity.

Machining processes like turning and milling complete our services. Both pre-machining and final machining can be offered.