DI Dr. Gerhard Hackl

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Gerhard Hackl

Dr. Hackl received his PhD from the Montanistic University of Leoben with a concentration in steel technology, refining, and production. He remained at the university until 1991 as assistant professor where he gained additional expertise in R&D for specialty steel.

Dr. Hackl joined Boehler Uddeholm in 1991 as a product development engineer. In addition to technical roles, Dr. Hackl also held leadership positions for the marketing function and numerous market segments.

Dr. Hackl joined Breitenfeld in September 2007, bringing with him his deep international specialty steel experience. He is a member of the managing board of Breitenfeld AG and Breitenfeld Edelstahl AG and CEO of the Sonderstahlwerk.

Within the managing board, Dr. Hackl is responsible for production, sales and marketing, research and development, maintenance and quality management.