COVID-19 Corona Virus: No critical problems for the supply chain of Breitenfeld Edelstahl AG

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With reference to the current regulation of the Federal Government regarding containment of the
corona virus, the following statement or measures are done by Breitenfeld Edelstahl AG:

We assure our customers that the production and supply chain of Breitenfeld Edelstahl AG fully
meets the government’s requirements. We adapt to the new situation and try to maintain the
uninterrupted service for our customers in compliance with the legal requirements. We have
immediately implemented all applicable and possible activities to ensure the integrity and continuity
of the business. In addition, we have implemented strict health measures that have been
communicated to all employees.

Measures for external visitors allow external access only for deliveries that are connected with the
continuity of the manufacturing activities.

There are currently no restrictions affecting the production or delivery of goods. Goods can be
loaded as far as the logistics companies comply with the following instructions:

a) The drivers must be equipped with masks for mouth and nose.
b) If the driver has to get off the truck for loading and unloading, he must also keep a safety distance
of one meter between people.
c) Avoid touching, such as shaking hands when greeting / saying goodbye.
d) Transmission by email if possible with delivery documents

Further updates will follow in accordance with legal requirements.

Until now we see no evidence of the risk of disruption to production, customer service, delivery, or
the supply chain. Nevertheless, strong efforts are put into preventive emergency planning, in the
event of stricter requirements from the government we will respond immediately and inform our

If the situation changes in such a way that deliveries are affected, you will be informed preventively
and timely. You will be informed of a plan for damage limitation or recovery.

We act according to the motto: “Health first!”

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