Nomination for the TRIGOS Styria Award

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We are nominated for the TRIGOS Styria Award in the category Exemplary projects🍀

All TRIGOS Styria 2019 nominees (in German)

The aim of every manufacturing company must be the production in the requested quality with minimum use of resources and time – this is in the company’s own interest and also its responsibility towards the environment and fellow human beings.

Trigos Steiermark Nachhaltigkeit PreiseThe biggest challenges in the steel industry are ensuring resource- and thus cost-efficient production in order to compete on the global scene in the long run. This includes the efficient use of raw materials and energy as well as making sure there is a constructive and positive corporate culture which leads to a long-term commitment of the employees to the company.

Large quantities of slag, filter dust and other residues such as refractory waste result from production in the steel industry. Since disposal costs tend to rise, the “Recycling economy in the steel industry” project was launched in spring 2018. Project manager is the process technologist of the steelworks in close cooperation with the plant management. Further involved are the environmental and laboratory departments, infrastructure, scrap management and material management departments.

Our project “Recycling economy in the steel industry” is an integral part of the production process. This starts with the separate collection of the recycling materials that was organized in a top-down approach involving all stakeholders, continues with the storage at predefined locations and ends with clear specifications regarding time and quantity at the return to the process.

umweltschutz breitenfeld edelstahlIn the course of the project, it was and is being investigated which residual materials are suitable for an in-house use in order to reduce the landfill volume at the company’s residual waste landfill and to reduce the quantities for external disposal.

Due to cost savings, this project contributes directly to corporate success and thus to a sustainable protection of the site. Moreover, the environment and residents are relieved by lower waste volumes and truck transport frequencies. Directly measurable improvements are that raw material no longer needs to be purchased and that filter dust from the cycle no longer needs to be removed from our site. Other advantages include the reduced landfill volume due to the recirculation of refractory waste, ladle furnace slag and forging scale, and resulting from that the savings in alloying agents.

As sustainability and a forward-looking approach go hand in hand, we believe to be on the right track but are also aware that there is always potential for improvements. After all, our vision is: “Breitenfeld Edelstahl AG – The reliable and independent partner for the future!”

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