Peeling machine and efficient finishing line

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In our forge in St. Barbara, we produce bar steel that we primarily deliver to our European core markets Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Today, bar steel is primarily supplied to the market in processed form – that’s why in addition to hot working and heat treatment, an efficient finishing line for processed bar steel is required.

The latest and youngest addition to our Breitenfeld family is Hall 10, built in 2016. This new hall will house the new finishing line for peeled bar steel and the new peeling machine. The hall is 112 m long and 25 m wide and was built in 9 months – just like in the past, the construction was planned and supervised by our architect Mr. DI Ralph Jurak. A total of EUR 3.75 million was invested in the hall.

The new peeling machine consists of feed table, roller conveyer through the peeling machine, the peeling machine itself and the outlet area. With our new peeling machine, we are able to process round bar steel in a dimension range from 75 to 350 mm, with a maximum length of 8 m. The capacity of the peeling machine is estimated at 25,000 tonnes per year. Around EUR 4 million were invested in the peeling unit.

A total of around EUR 16 million is invested in the new finishing concept and it further strengthens the industrial site St. Barbara.

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