Stainless steel contains vitamins!

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There’s an old saying that an apple full of rusty nails is an excellent home remedy to prevent iron deficiency in the human body. The consumption of said apples is recommended to anyone who constantly feels tired throughout the day or suffers from poor concentration.

Hemoglobin and myoglobin can no longer fulfill their purposes if the body lacks iron. Skin and muscles are no longer sufficiently supplied with oxygen and as a result, those affected feel tired. Other symptoms are: hair loss and brittle nails. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), almost one third of the world’s population is affected by iron deficiency. This makes iron deficiency the most common nutrient deficiency worldwide.

Unlike simple iron, steel is not a chemical element but an alloy – hence, a compound of several different elements. Chromium and molybdenum are two commonly used alloying elements in the production of stainless steel. This benefits the new material. The term stainless steel is thus a quality label. To name just a few examples: Above a certain level (in weight percent), chromium makes stainless steel corrosion-resistant, and molybdenum improves hardenability.

The awareness of the worldwide iron deficiency and the knowledge of the high flexibility of steel as a material have recently led to the research on new products. Combining high-quality alloyed stainless steel with healthy Styrian apples, we are expanding our product range by offering high-alloyed apples as an excellent vitamin source. These apples provide our customers with a perfect supply of iron and thus offer excellent prevention of iron deficiency.

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