The successful 5S method in Breitenfeld

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The Breitenfeld family’s mindset needs to evolve around continuous improvement. Therefore, we strive for Operational Excellence in each of our processes in order to guide our company successfully through a challenging market environment, thus securing jobs and a long-term development.

5s sort set in order shine standardize sustain breitenfeld edelstahl agThe 5S methodology consists of five consecutive steps that allow each team to organize their workspace for a maximum of process efficiency. 5S is not simply a project that has a start and an end, but a continual improvement process that evaluates current standards and aims at optimizing workflows and technologies in the workplace.

We are happy to report that the 5S program already shows first results for all employees, and we would like to thank all employees in the areas that first implemented the 5S method for their fantastic work. As a next step, we are looking forward to jointly expanding 5S throughout the whole company.

A brochure with all the information on 5S has been produced to support our employees. In the near future, each employee will be provided with a short training and the brochure, which is easy to use and read, visually identifiable and practical (simply put it in your pocket). All employees will have the opportunity to take the brochure with them to their workplace and use it effectively.

5S Erfolgsmethode Booklet
5S methodology booklet
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