We’re no guardian angels – but definitely role models

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Arbeitssicherheit Breitenfeld Edelstahll AG Klaro und Klara
 Klaro and Klara

Hi Klara and Klaro! Welcome to the Breitenfeld family. Please describe your new job real quick!

Klara: There are hardly any other places in which occupational safety is more important than in the steel industry. However, in your daily work routine, you sometimes lose focus which might lead to accidents. From now on, we’re here to help all members of the Breitenfeld family get through their day safely and return home healthy.

How do you plan on doing that?

Klaro: From now on, you can find us everywhere – in our company magazine “Der Stahlbote”, on the intranet, our website and social media channels. We will be regularly giving you tips and pointing out to important behavioral patterns. Our goal is to be there for every employee and also to introduce our apprentices to the topic of occupational safety in a fun way. We intentionally based our appearance on the new „STAHLKLAR“ concept of the apprentice training.

Does that mean you’re the new guardian angels of Breitenfeld Edelstahl AG?

Klara: No, we’re not guardian angels. Wings don’t really go with our work clothes! But we are definitely role models who ensure a safe working environment. I mean, it’s clear that not everyone can pay 100% attention at all times. Not everyone always does what they are supposed to. We would like to show how each and everyone can change that. Awareness always starts with oneself. It’s all about that “Oh, I see!” when you discover unwise or inconsiderate behavior, and that you learn from it. Our mission is to inform about occupational safety in a fun and exciting way.  

But how can we change our habits and attitudes?

Klaro: First and foremost, you have to perceive yourself and what’s going on around you. The motto is: Don’t just look away! In our industry, it’s crucial to be attentive. We need to look out for ourselves and for our colleagues. We should identify potential hazards and learn how to deal with them. And sometimes, we have to leave family stress or disappointments behind when stepping through the company entrance. This is not always easy – so we are here to remind you to keep your eyes and ears open.

How did you come to Breitenfeld Edelstahl AG?

Klara: The Executive Board had the idea of hiring us. We then had our job interview with Werner Schoettner, who is our mentor and coordinator. GREX aka Gregor Pirker, illustrator and caricaturist from Graz, is responsible for our look, in collaboration with Elke Ferstl from FOKUS in Aflenz. She developed our character and helps delivering our messages. We are proud to say that we were immediately equipped with the new Breitenfeld working clothes, safety shoes, protective goggles, helmet and hearing protection by our safety specialist. What we’ll be doing next, where, when and how, will be developed by Mrs. Ferstl, Mr. Schoettner, the executive board and all those who’ll be invited in the coming months and years.

Quite a lot of experts who are involved.

Klaro: Of course! Occupational safety is not an isolated topic or just one very detailed issue. It concerns us all, which means that we all have to work together to complete the tasks safely. The more people are involved, the better prepared we are for preventing hazards and accidents. And that’s the most important thing! At least for us, and hopefully for you too.

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Arbeitssicherheit Breitenfeld Edelstahll AG Klaro und Klara