What environmental protection means to us
• Legal requirements represent solely the minimum
• Reduction of environmental impact through CIP on site
• Minimization of environmental risks (emergency planning)
• Using new technologies wherever economically justifiable
• Waste prevention, separation and recycling

With a sustainable and responsible corporate policy, we are committed to protecting the environment.

Our goals are
• the prevention or reduction of environmental impact
• a resource-friendly use of materials
• the highest possible energy efficiency in all our processes

Our business activities should impact the environment as little as possible.

To support our employees in protecting the environment, they are provided with adequate information on our environmental policy and goals.

By informing and involving our suppliers in our environmental policy and goals, we strive to improve environmental protection.

Local residents
Acceptance and a good coexistence with all local residents.

We work actively with authorities to ensure the fulfillment of valid binding obligations. By including EMS into QMS we emphasize how inseparable quality and environmental protection are.

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