Safety first.

Our highest priority is providing a safe, healthy and accident-free work environment. The experts from our “Occupational Safety and Health Protection” team support us in that. When it comes to workplaces, work processes and the working environment, they take preventive measures and systematically develop diverse methods to achieve ideal workplace quality:


Our occupational safety measures:

Regarding health and safety, workplaces are inspected and evaluated in order to minimize physical and mental stress, as well as the risk of accidents.


Our high safety standards are regularly checked in inspections by safety officers, occupational physicians, the management, operation managers and safety representatives in all areas of the facility.


Organization of safety events with different topics focusing on hazards, prevention and assistance.


Ongoing training of managers and the “Occupational Safety and Health Protection” team.


Training and workshops for all employees to strengthen and develop competencies in preventing accidents.


Agreements within the company on workplace safety.

It is our goal to prevent unsafe situations from happening in the first place, so that at the end of the working day everyone can return home safely.

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