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We are aware of our responsibility for a clean environment.

Due to the high intensity of material and energy, a sustainable management plays one of the key roles for us. We’ve always been recycling scrap and making steel out of it. Scrap iron is the most recycled raw material in the world and helps save more than one billion tons of primary raw materials each year. Each steel mill thus serves as a recycling plant. In terms of resource conservation, the almost closed water cycle in steel production is of great importance. To prevent lime precipitation in the heat exchanger and on the cooling tower, we usually use chemistry that is binding water hardness. Breitenfeld is the only steel factory in Austria that purifies recooling water not with chemistry but by pH-controlled CO2 injection. This means that there is no environmental pollution by harmful and persistent chemical substances.
A clean environment is absolutely essential. We are aware of our responsibility and act accordingly to protect the environment in terms of air, water and soil quality. Of course, we comply with the strict legal requirements, and in addition, we keep working on becoming even better.



This topic plays an important role at Breitenfeld Edelstahl AG, and we ensure that both the raw materials that are used as well as the manufactured products comply with official requirements. We can assure you that we don’t expect any changes in availability of our products and deliveries due to REACH regulations. The Breitenfeld Group takes into account the list of substances of very high concern according to Article 57 and keeps updated about an inclusion of further substances according to Article 58. None of these substances (as such, in preparations or articles) are contained in our products.



In Austria, the RoHS Directive is implemented in the ordinance on waste electrical equipment. Purchased electrical appliances are CE-marked; their energy efficiency class is determined to make a resource-efficient operation possible. One main focus is on the prohibitions on substances and on the well-regulated return to an authorized waste management company. We’re making internal records which leads to a full traceability of the disposed electrical appliances.



Breitenfeld Edelstahl AG confirms that none of the purchased alloys contain any “conflict minerals” and are therefore “conflict free” in accordance with the Dodd-Frank Act.