2023: Opening of the Service Center Germany

2022: Reconstruction of the pickling shop

2021: Commissioning of a gantry saw

2020: Commissioning of the portal machining center

2019: Expansion of the special steel plant by a third electro-slag remelting plant

2018: The Breitenfeld Group merged under the name “Breitenfeld Edelstahl”, and so the Breitenfeld Edelstahl Family grew even further together

2017: Construction of our new processing building and putting into operation a modern peeling machine for expanding the bar steel production

2011: The new clapper for Austria’s biggest bell in St. Stephen’s Cathedral is made of Breitenfeld steel

2010: Production of the first 120-tonne stainless steel block in Breitenfeld

2009: Putting into operation the new steel mill (largest capacity of stainless steel production in Austria) – production of the first 80-tonne stainless steel block in Austria

2008: Modernization of heat treatment in the forging technology

2007: Putting into operation the new 65-tonne electric arc furnace. Enlargement of the special steel plant with a second electro-slag remelting plant and a vacuum arc remelting furnace

2003: Putting into operation the special steel plant with an electroslag remelting plant

2001: Modernization of the existing steel plant with a 50-tonne electric arc furnace, 2 ladle furnaces, plants for vacuum degassing and vacuum decarburization

1992: Major decision to switch to the production of stainless steel

1966: Construction of a forging hall for deforming high-grade stainless steel

1948: First continuous casting attempt in Breitenfeld

1942: “Eisenwerk Breitenfeld” (ironworks Breitenfeld) was founded on January 6, 1942

Breitenfeld Edelstahl AG in former times
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